I am a Chicago-based photographer with a passion for visual storytelling, creativity, and collaboration.   An ad executive turned film producer turned photographer, my career has granted me the opportunity to work with a variety of brands across the wide spectrum of the visual arts.
I began my career as an advertising executive, developing powerful communications for big, blue-chip clients like Gatorade, Helene Curtis, Ebay, and Vespa.  After creating hundreds of commercials, my interest turned to production and I founded Fulton Market Films, a company that continues to produce documentaries and feature films. 
Through my work as a documentary filmmaker I came to recognize that everyone has a story worth telling.  So I began shooting photos of ordinary people on city streets, telling their individual stories through my pictures--and I discovered that a strong personal connection with the subject creates a far more engaging image.  
My interest in documentary photography eventually evolved into portraiture and fashion and, as a passion project, I founded JFPF.  That passion has now become a full-time endeavor.  And whether it's a portrait, fashion piece, or street series, I apply the same basic tenet that I formed years ago: the stronger the human connection, the more powerful the image.  
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